4 Key Reasons Why You Should Hire A Catering Company For Your Next Event

Regardless of the nature and scale of the event, no event is complete without the aroma of freshly cooked food flooding the atmosphere and tantalising the guests’ senses. However, handling the entire culinary department in-house can be time-consuming for the host. This is where catering steps in to take over the entire preparation and serving of meals, so the event can be enjoyed thoroughly by the guests and hosts alike. Continue reading “4 Key Reasons Why You Should Hire A Catering Company For Your Next Event”

Here’s Why Canapes Are Your Go-To Delicacies For All Types Of Occasions!

Parties and get-togethers are all about assorted interactions with multiple people at the same occasion. Regardless of the eventual topic of the conversation, food is typically the best place from which to take off. And what better than knick-knacks to munch on while networking with family, friends and colleagues? Presenting everyone’s favorite starter and munchy, canape!
But…why is canape catering a great choice for occasions and parties? Let’s have a look at canape catering in Melbourne and the reasons for its immense popularity: Continue reading “Here’s Why Canapes Are Your Go-To Delicacies For All Types Of Occasions!”

The Barbeque Diaries: 3 Reasons Why A Barbeque Night Is A Great Idea

For an Australian soul, there’s barely anything as romantic and satiating as meat getting grilled directly over low heat and the reverberating aroma. Barbeque has always been the most favoured option for rejuvenating on a weekend or a casual get-together with loved ones. But why is this method of cooking so popular and sought after? Let’s have a look at why barbeque is an excellent choice for catering and what the best BBQ in Melbourne can do to enliven your party: Continue reading “The Barbeque Diaries: 3 Reasons Why A Barbeque Night Is A Great Idea”

Here’s What Goes Into Making A Canape – The Culinary Soul Of Your Parties!

Whoever says the food is just about satiating the taste-buds? Ask someone who makes canapes, for instance, and you’ll understand what we mean! Assembling three totally different layers of ingredients into one bite-sized dish is not a piece of ‘canape’.

So, what’s the secret to preparing a finger food catering melbourne that not only satisfies the taste-buds but also gratifies the visual and olfactory senses? Let’s break down the four different layers that comprise a canape, and what an ideal canape catering at Melbourne should offer you: Continue reading “Here’s What Goes Into Making A Canape – The Culinary Soul Of Your Parties!”

Key Points to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special

Your child’s birthday is in a month. It’s up to you to make it happening, memorable and the best party in your town. Here is the thing about children’s birthdays. An adult party would need a few beers, a simple buffet, and close friends and family.
But a child wants the colors, the crazy, the hype and an overall memorable party which will be the talk of his class. As their parents, you’ll need to brainstorm some great ideas to make this work. Communicate with close ones and find tips to make this event grand. Continue reading “Key Points to Make Your Kid’s Birthday Special”

How do you Cater for an Event?

Catering Service in Melbourne for an event is a fun task. For professional execution, you’ll need to keep in mind a few key points.

  • Punctuality, this is a vital point to remember. When you guarantee your catering service to an event, your timing will reflect on how you handle a tight schedule.
  • Communication, you’ll need to listen and speak. A customer-caterer relationship should be at its best during an event. Every change in the menu, decor, etc. requires full concentration on both ends.

Continue reading “How do you Cater for an Event?”

Factors to Consider when Planning a client’s Birthday Menu?

Staying updated with trends while planning a menu for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or planning a dinner party catering Melbourne is a necessity. If you are the one leading the kitchen, it is your counsel that your customer will seek, even though they may come in with a clear idea of what they want. Apart from trends, you need to sensitize your staff to the cultural restrictions of different faiths and people to become the best. Additionally, if you are planning a birthday menu, understanding the age group and catering to them is a sure shot recipe for success. Continue reading “Factors to Consider when Planning a client’s Birthday Menu?”

Changing Wedding Food Budget Hacks From Caterers And Wedding Planners

A dream wedding is not a desire, but a necessity, as the day will remain etched in your memory forever. And what’s better to splurge your special day with delicacies from all over the world. While you to plan the perfect outfits and lines at the altar let the wedding catering in Melbourne take charge of feeding your guests. Most importantly, your budget will require you to save up for years to have a dream wedding come true. Continue reading “Changing Wedding Food Budget Hacks From Caterers And Wedding Planners”

Carefully Plan your Wedding Event Catering

If you are planning a wedding event then selecting the best catering option for your wedding should be on your priority list as the success of the event will be gauged by the food served. Once you have decided the venue and decorations for the wedding, it is time to sit down with your wedding planner and shortlist the wedding food caterer who can deliver fresh and delicious food to make the event memorable. Continue reading “Carefully Plan your Wedding Event Catering”