This is Why Companies Are Starting to Offer Lunch and You Should Too

A lot of tech and media companies are starting to offer free food to their employees. The trend is being picked up by a majority of corporations. You might be wondering as to why you should provide food given the current state of the economy.

Isn’t everything already too expensive to add food to the list?

While you are right on your part, offering food for teams is actually beneficial in many ways. Continue reading “This is Why Companies Are Starting to Offer Lunch and You Should Too”

How to Use Food and Other Perks to Keep Your Employees Happy?

If you are in charge of managing an office, there must be a horde of question that repeatedly cross your mind, with the foremost consideration being, “Is my staff actually happy and satisfied in this company?” This is a just question to ask because your employees deserve the best at the workplace. While regular pay rise and added incentives have a lot to do with employee satisfaction, offering small perks can be a good way to keep them motivated and enthusiastic about their work. The element of surprise can be used to delight your staff and increase their productivity and efficiency as well. Continue reading “How to Use Food and Other Perks to Keep Your Employees Happy?”

Different Types of Catering Services in Melbourne

An event should entertain the guests and the food should impress. Irrespective of the size of the event, food is the highlight and a great source of excitement for the attending guests.

What are Catering Services?

The services offer trained chefs and other staff to prepare food, cooked to perfection. Catering company, often referred to as caterers, attend to every detail concerning the food, arrangement and other aspects of the party. They have the expertise to cater to wedding receptions, office parties, luncheons, kids’ birthdays and any other event requiring food and drinks. Their ability to dish out multiple cuisines and meet taste restrictions or requirements makes them a necessity.

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A Dinner without Fork and Knife: Foods to Try This New Year’s Eve

Why don’t you do something different this year and organize a dinner with finger foods or dishes that don’t need a fork and knife to enjoy? Isn’t that a great idea? You can consider hiring a trusted catering company in Melbourne to help you with it.

Here are nine tried and tasted such delectable foods that can multiply the enjoyment of your guests at your party. Continue reading “A Dinner without Fork and Knife: Foods to Try This New Year’s Eve”

How to Plan Your Corporate Christmas Party

A Christmas party is a great event to celebrate with your colleagues before everyone leaves for the year-end holidays. If you’re planning to organise a corporate Christmas party, here is what you should do.

Planning in advance

To avoid any untoward surprises at the last minute, start planning for the event in advance. Not only will this ensure everything is in place, but it will also save you some buffer to address minor gaps in planning should they arise. Continue reading “How to Plan Your Corporate Christmas Party”

Menu Ideas to Turn Your Christmas Party Amazing

It’s the festive time of the year again! Of course, it also involves a lot of preparations which includes planning Christmas dinner. If you find it feasible, you can consider hiring a trusted catering services provider.

Here are a few menu ideas that will add to the excitement and fun at your party and make it even more memorable for you and your guests. Continue reading “Menu Ideas to Turn Your Christmas Party Amazing”

Foolproof Ways to Throw a Memorable Party

birthday party catering Melbourne

After inviting all of your family and friends to an event such as a birthday party it’s natural if to feel too much pressure to make it a success. So, if you really want your parties to be memorable then you have to give your guests reasons to talk about it for a long time. Coming up with innovative ideas for an interesting party can be tough if you are not aware of all the options and choices that you have, especially when it comes to food. This is why entrusting a reputed catering service in Melbourne to plan and arrange food for your party is a wise decision. Continue reading “Foolproof Ways to Throw a Memorable Party”

Steps You Can Take to Make your Wedding Party Memorable

Your wedding is going to be the most memorable event of your life. It is understandable if you want it to be unforgettable for your family and loved ones too.  The most important thing about a wedding party is to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves. It is taken for granted that the bride and groom and their families hosting the party will be busy with organising bridal showers, reception, the speeches, etc. However, for the wedding to be memorable everything should be perfect. It is not possible for the host to be personally attending to each and every guest or look into the smooth operation of the entire event. That is why it is best to entrust the responsibility of organising a wedding party to a wedding catering in Melbourne. Continue reading “Steps You Can Take to Make your Wedding Party Memorable”

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Party

Very few things are as important as the food you serve at an event. A lot depends on which caterer you eventually opt for. It is the catering service which will shoulder the responsibility of quality, appearance and flavour of the food served at the party. As catering is one of the prime aspects of a great event, the catering service in Melbourne you select will affect your budgetary decision significantly. This can influence your spending on other areas and in short, it’s must be handled carefully. The structure of fee charged by caterers can dramatically vary according to the meals and services they offer. However, most reputed caterers in Melbourne have a standard charge for different catering services. Whether it is an elaborate meal or a conference requiring finger foods and canapé catering Melbourne offers many options. Continue reading “Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Caterer for Your Party”