Quick And Delicious Dinner Party Platters To Delight Your Guests!

Dinner parties can be an exciting time and when you enjoy delicious food in the company of your friends and family. Planning for the party when you are the host, may not be an easy feat though. The idea of spending half the day preparing might throw you off track, consider hiring professional services for finger food catering Melbourne . Here are a few awesome dinner party platters, with canape catering Melbourne, for a yummicilious experience:

Baked meatballs with yogurt sauce
Yes it’s possible to make meatballs in less than 30 minutes. You just have to combine Ground chicken, Breadcrumbs, garlic, onion, some herbs, and spices and roll this mixture into small bite-size balls and bake. Make the sauce in advance or while the meatballs are baking in the oven. Serve this with Zucchini noodles or warm pita bread.

Slow cookers beef with pappardelle
Ok so the secret here is slow cookers. All the magic and cooking will happen in the pot and you don’t even have to look after it. The meat can be prepared in the morning, just let it simmer for 6 to 8 hrs and the rest will happen on its own. Serve it with fresh Pappardelles.

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Maple glazed salmon in a sheet pan
The easy and tasty recipe does not include many utensils. Just prepare this dish 15 minutes before the time and put salmon and veggies on a sheet pan and coo for 25 minutes. It’s healthy and impressive and loaded with Brussels sprouts, delicata squash, and radicchio.

Salami, Jalapeno, olive Pizza on the go
Make homemade pizzas with store-bought dough and jarred sauces. Don’t overload the dough with toppings else it would become soggy. It’s an all-time favorite and the easiest to make.

Tacos with mini Margaritas
The one would surely be a hit amongst your guests. Your guests would want to gobble them up. Easy to arrange in small tequila bottles filled with Margaritas and small meatballs on the top with a mini straw. Serve with small tacos for which filling can be made in advance.