5 Unique Barbeque Catering Ideas to Welcome Summer with Elan!

As Melbourne glistens in its pleasant summer weather, it’s time to step out and bask in the season’s glory! And what better than a cozy barbie get-together at your backyard? Here, we bring you five unique barbeque catering Melbourne ideas that you can implement this summer.

1. Meet the Humble Meat!
For an Aussie soul, there’s nothing more captivating than perfectly barbequed meat. Our meat primarily comes from sources like lamb, beef, pork, kangaroo and emu – and summertime is one of the most joyous periods of the year to celebrate our quintessential BBQ meat delicacies! Consult your caterer and come up with traditional meat delicacies like lamb shanks, roast shoulder and the classic roo meat.

2. Reserve a Separate Sausage Area
The aroma of sausages being grilled on the slow flame is simply exhilarating. It always pays to have a separate “sausage counter” at your Melbourne BBQ setup, with different summer-special sausages stuffed with a variety of fillings!

3. Electrical Barbeque: A Modern Twist
Electric barbeques are now a rage in Melbourne, and rightly so. Their portability and efficiency make them a very convenient alternative to traditional grilling methods. This summer, coordinate with your caterer and set up your electric BBQ at your backyard.

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4. What’s BBQ Without Music?
Some good old Australian-themed music does the trick for the Aussie soul. For best results, try out a fusion of the traditional folk and modern pop genres such as the Johnny Logan-styled pop-folk music, or the sensational pop numbers by Guy Sebastian. Or when in doubt, “Waltzing Matilda” saves the day!

5. Topping It Up With Australian Beer!
No Australian BBQ gathering is complete without Australian beer. Ice-cream and fruit topped with root beer is a great way to serve dessert and beer in a platter. Or, opt for the good old Lager or Toohey, and treat your guests with the perfect summer BBQ retreat!

Open spaces are fun milieus to spend quality time with your loved ones over delectable food. The best buffet catering Melbourne can help you to implement these fun ideas to make the most of your summer.