Menus to consider for Christmas in July

It feels like only yesterday that we were discussing Christmas, the summer vacations, and our resolutions. It is hard to think it is already July. We will probably be talking about Christmas again before you realize it.

And odds are, if you are celebrating Christmas in July, you will be doing it very soon!

Take part in a traditional Christmas in July feast.

What comes to mind right away when you think of Christmas?

If you are like us, you likely replied with gifts, trees, and food.

A significant component of what makes Christmas unique is food. Now, it does not mean we will not come up with an explanation not to celebrate a typical white Christmas like our neighbors in the northern hemisphere!

Buffet, and barbecue

Without flavourful, tender meat, what would Christmas dinner be?

From our menus, traditionalists can choose from a variety of classic packages.

You can also look through our buffet, and BBQ menus, which include:

    • Continental Homemade sausages 
    • Black Angus Beef burger 
    • Slow-cooked chicken skewers 
    • Potato salad, dill cucumber, pickled shallots, peas, roast garlic aioli 

Above is only a sneak peek at the vast range of delicacies that awaits you.

Enjoy a Christmas meal that is vegetarian.

We at the Big Flavours think that everyone has the right to a delicious meal, especially on important occasions like Christmas (In July).

Vegetarian options must be included on the Christmas catering menu if you want to wow your vegetarian guests. Our most precious Pan-roasted herb gnocchi, caramelized cauliflower puree, walnut pesto, Lightly Charred cauliflower, golden raisins, rocket pesto, and pinenuts will do the deed for your exuberant party!

Sweet-Tooth, hello!

The delectable treats are something you must not miss! With a pleasant end to your meal, nothing can go wrong. The only drawback is the significant amount of work involved. We recognize that not everyone has the necessary patience for it, especially considering there is not a two-week holiday for Christmas in July!

 Here, we have got you covered by providing some of the following:

Tiramisu, Kahlua, cocoa
Pavlova, Chantilly, berries, fruit dust GF
Lemon curd tart, candied rhubarb, honey crumbs
Triple Chocolate brownie, caramelised walnuts
Baked raspberry cheesecake, chocolate chard

Coconut Panacotta, lemongrass, kaffir lime GF

These are just the starter to your dessert plate. Fortunately, we can support you there with our efficient Christmas catering.

Talk to us about our selection of sides if you do not have the time to prepare the food entirely on your own.

Scrumptious Christmas in July party fare

Do you have a major celebration planned for Christmas in July?

We can cater to every event, guest list, and palate, offering everything from platters and beverages to food stations and 3-course gourmet dining!

Christmas in July does not have to be stressful to prepare for, but unlike Christmas itself, you do not have two weeks off! Having the entire Christmas experience, even in the middle of July, becomes much more doable with Big Flavours on your side.

View a variety of menus and place an order here, or contact us and let us know a little bit about your event!

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Christmas Celebration in July: We Got You Covered!

BBQ Catering

Even though we have spent most of our lives having summer Christmases, snow frequently comes to mind when we close our eyes and think about Christmas close our eyes and think about Christmas, snow frequently comes to mind. Maybe it’s because of all the movies we’ve seen that feature roaring fires, hot chocolate, and scalding hot turkeys around the holiday season in the northern hemisphere.  Whatever it may be, many Australians want to experience a “white Christmas,” and spending Christmas at home in July rather than flying in December is much more affordable and easy!

Whether you celebrate Christmas in July or December, the excellent cuisine is unquestionably one of its best features. Christmas in July Catering has special potential for deliciousness because it allows us to experiment with foods and beverages that we might not often serve in the summer.

Create a holiday spirit.

While taking down the Christmas tree might be too much work, other decorations can easily add a festive touch to your mid-year gathering. Consider candles, pinecones, ornaments, and a nicely decorated table. For the prestigious Christmas in July Catering put your troubles in the hands of Big Flavours. Just make sure you clean off those Christmas CDs and play them in the background from your end.

Warm up your beverages.

Even though some would disagree, July is not the best month to have a cold beer with lunch. Consider mulled wine as a pleasantly soothing winter warmer for your Christmas in July spectacular. After your main course, make sure tea and coffee are easily accessible. For those with a sweet craving, don’t forget a traditional hot chocolate. 

Christmas lights on a string. 

Christmas lights are a wonderful way to create the right atmosphere for a party that will go well past dusk. They can be strung across balcony railings, deck railings, or the home’s eaves. Take your illuminated reindeer figurine as well. 

Make it snow! 

With a few flurries, you can cool off. A cheap and simple approach to add decoration is with paper snowflakes. It is also a fantastic kids’ craft activity!

Go back in time. 

If you are spending the holiday with close friends or family, display old Christmas pictures that you have found. You can get started by looking at these images of Christmas from the year of your birth.

Implement a dress code. 

You can still urge guests to wear their clothing even if it will probably be too warm for ugly sweaters. Consider red and green clothing or ensembles modeled after characters from holiday movies.

Exchange presents.

Who is to say that a gift exchange cannot be held in July? Host a gift swap party where you exchange handcrafted items to assemble your squad. If you are feeling imaginative, create a theme for the gifts that correspond to the holiday.

Your Santa to Rescue

Have a conversation with the Big Flavours crew if you are looking for a catering service to make your Christmas in July even more enjoyable. We put in just as much effort as Christmas elves and are adept at providing Christmas in July Catering. No matter if you have been good or naughty, call us to help make your party unforgettable.

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The Top Wedding Catering Trends in Melbourne for 2024

The top wedding catering trends in Melbourne for 2024

Big Flavours is constantly considering fresh approaches to elevate events. Every year, as we see the emergence and disappearance of new event concepts, we are able to predict the hottest catering trends for the year 2024. Discover even more of the best catering company in Melbourne and favorite catering trends to dominate in 2024 by reading on. The most delicious party of the year will be hosted by you, the first of your pals.

The Best is Sourced Sustainably

The objective of these caterers is to leave the earth in a better condition than we found it. Continue reading to learn their perspective on the catering trends that are having an impact.

Food should be vibrant, imaginative, and motivating. In our sector, sustainability is a crucial trend that will persist in 2024.

If possible, support local businesses

Locally sourced ingredients are equally important to hosts and guests as sustainable ingredients are. Since the shutdown, we have developed a deep interest in the origins of our customers’ beverages as well as the histories of the wineries, breweries, and distilleries we sell. This tendency can be attained in large part by putting an emphasis on regional producers at every stage of the catering process.

Vegan Sweet Treats

It shows your guests that they are important to you when you take into account their dietary requirements and preferences.

It’s no secret that over the past few years, our culture has started to consume less meat. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other non-traditional menu preferences have significantly increased. Customers desire complete menus, food stations, and desserts that may satisfy a range of dietary and allergy requirements.

Shots & Mocktail Shooters Are Already in

In recent years, mocktails have become the most popular drink on bar menus. As a humorous twist on this trend, we predict mocktail shooters and shots for this year. As we place more emphasis on health and well-being, both guests and hosts are choosing non-alcoholic beverages.

Fame Walls Get Your Moment of Glory

Party guests are known to adore a distinctive serving station. A unique and entertaining method to draw your guests’ attention is vertical food stations. They provide height and depth to a display and are completely customisable. Unique serving utensils add flair to the presentation and let visitors eat good food and engage in lively conversation at the same time.

Champagne, Make Way for Quasi Towers

We all adore the traditional Champagne tower, but renowned caterers foresee a change. Champagne towers were popular last summer, but in 2024, party hosts will want something a little more unique. Espresso Martini towers are likely to be the new standard for hosts of parties as well as brides and grooms.

Menus and napkins merge into one.

One of the more stylish catering trends that we have seen is this. You can conserve room on the table and paper by printing your menu on the napkins given to your guests.

Provide a Cultural Culinary Experience for Visitors

Whether they are cultural wedding ceremonies, parties, or commemorations of other milestones, we are proud to present venerable customs from many countries. We believe that what makes people special is their desire to focus on particular cuisines that are symbolic of their origin cultures. The key is customization.

How can I differentiate my event from others’?

Contact the top catering company in Melbourne, Big Flavours, and experience a lifetime of unforgettable partying if you want to set the trend for this year’s wedding season.

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Making Your Melbourne Wedding Memorable with Unique Catering Options

It takes a village to create your wedding day feast, thus the catering staff is one of the busiest teams on wedding days! We work with you and for you when you invite us to be a part of your special day. We make sure to carefully plan a delectable cuisine that complements your style, personality, and spending limit and, best of all, is certain to please you and every one of your guests!

Make Big Flavours, your local caterer, a part of your wedding planning process. Find out how we can transform your wedding into a memorable culinary experience for your guests as well as a celebration of love!

Traditional wedding catering is good dining in season.

Together, we will design a classy three-course menu that is sure to amaze both you and your guests.

And because we are aware of how distinctive and various every wedding is, we collaborate closely with you to create the wedding feast of your dreams.

With our wedding banquet meal menu, we can all benefit.

We also offer the family-style shared banquet option if you’re seeking more laid-back wedding catering. The benefit of this dining arrangement is that you still have choices:

Choose to serve your guests from a buffet station or choose elegantly prepared sharing platters on tables. Whichever choice you select, we’ll make sure your guests savour the delectable fare we’ve created.

Start the celebration with delicious appetisers.

We may design a custom canape menu that can be served prior to or during the beginning of the dinner festivities. It all depends on you!

The canapes that we have expertly prepared for your wedding reception will be offered to your guests by our wait staff as they make their way throughout the party site.

There are many different bundles to choose from when it comes to our canape options. Here is a list of all the canapes we offer.

Become completely smitten with our sumptuous food stations.

Setting up magnificent food stations with the most exquisite food displays is one of the fastest-growing trends across the whole event and catering industry, not just in the wedding sector.

At a wedding, food stations include features of both fine dining and buffet-style dining. Get the best of both the worlds!

We simply like creating scrumptious food stations at Big Flavours. Additionally, we are pleased to collaborate with you to identify the precise items you like to provide and showcase for your guests.

Wedding desserts can up the sweetness game.

The luscious spread of goodness in front of them would make anyone with a sweet tooth believe they have discovered heaven!

Add a dessert buffet to the celebrations at your wedding to make them even sweeter!

Pick from one of our delicious dessert plates for a sweet treat at the end of the night without breaking the bank.

Looking for a Melbourne wedding caterer?

There are so many things that a bride and groom must first arrange, plan, and choose before the wedding bells begin to ring!

One of the main components of the planning process is wedding catering. Make Big Flavours a part of your day if you’re organising the wedding celebration of your dreams in Melbourne!

We surely know a thing or two about creating the wedding feast of your dreams as one of the city’s top local caterers!

Call us at 0399961655 to learn more about how we can be a part of your most memorable day.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Melbourne Catering Company for Your Event

One of the first things you start thinking about is the food, whether it’s a spectacular wedding for hundreds of guests, a last-minute corporate function, or a decadent dinner party at home for your closest friends.

Any event must include a catering company, and selecting a caterer can help you relax, save you time, and enable you to take full advantage of the event! Here are a few crucial decisions you need to make when selecting a caterer.

Consider your budget.

When organising a special event, your money is one of the most crucial considerations. It also seems to be the only thing that brings us back to reality.

A professional catering company will inquire about your spending limits and work with them to select the best package and menu for you. And they should be honest and forthright from the very beginning.

You should also check that any payment terms are understood at this point. Some of the inquiries you should make are:

What sort of deposit is required upfront?

When must the remaining balance be paid?

What happens if I have to alter my date?

What happens if I postpone my event?

When my numbers change, what happens?

Consider a tasting day.

Get together with a friend or member of your family to discover more about the products a caterer can provide and to determine whether their specialties and abilities will work well with the concepts you have in mind.

Remember that a sampling session is not always an opportunity to sample the precise food you will be served at your event, but rather a chance to evaluate quality and presentation.

Consider the wait crew

A fully catered event benefits greatly from the inclusion of wait staff because they relieve you of the burden of managing every aspect of the event, from serving food and drinks to visitors to helping with setup, breakdown, and clean-up.

Consider menus

Do you like fixed menus or the flexibility to alter some components of your meals?

Your own preference becomes crucial in this situation. You can collaborate with your caterer to develop the ideal menu for your special occasion once they create a sample menu.

Verify that your venue has enough room for your menu. Is your idea to provide a three-course meal to 70 people? Or will there be a cocktail party for 200 people with canapés and finger foods?

Consider raising a glass.

Experienced people who enjoy dining and drinking understand how crucial it is to find the ideal pairing between food and alcohol.

Along with providing you with useful advice like the amount of ice you need to use and the need of chilling all of your drinks in advance, they should also discuss the bar equipment you will need.

Consider these additions

Have you identified a caterer who will provide dinnerware, linen, glasses, and cutlery for the occasion?
Have you located a caterer with the necessary permits to serve alcohol?
Have you discovered a caterer who offers a transparent estimate, method of payment, contract, and cancellation policy?

You’re hiring a catering service to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Don’t forget to put your trust in them and take a back seat to let everyone else enjoy your event.

Are you looking for the ideal caterer in Melbourne for your upcoming special occasion? The search ends right here! Visit our menus and give Big Flavours a call at 0399961655 right away!

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Why Choose Canapés for your Next Event?

The event season is fast approaching and it’s time to update your finger food choices. Canapés are a very good option to add to the list of finger food for any kind of event. A canapé is a kind of Hors d’oeuvre which is easy to eat, bite size small in size. There are a wide variety of toppings that can be added to it. It is traditionally served with cocktails but you can add it to your dinner menu too.

Canapés can be held with one hand so that your other hand is free to hold your drink and it can be consumed in a single bite. Be it a birthday party, Christmas dinner or an official event canapés can fit into any menu and make it delectable.

A Little Back Story About Canapés

The word canapés comes from the native French word that actually refers to a sofa. Canapés originated somewhere in the mid-1800s and found their way over to Australia somewhere in the 20th century. Ever since then they have been a staple of events and dinner parties.

The Four Parts of Canapé

Canapés is a type of hors d’oeuvres which consists of four main parts:-

  • The first part which is the base is a small piece of pastry, bread or cracker. Bruschetta or crostini can be called the classic examples of canapés. The canapés in the present day are even made up of a small pancake or a pastry shell.
  • The second part is a layer of flavourful spread which could be either mayonnaise, cream cheese or even a simple layer of butter. The purpose of this part is to add just the right amount of moisture so that the bread underneath doesn’t get soggy. The other main job of this layer is to act as a sort of glue so as to prevent the toppings from sliding off the base.
  • This third part is the primary part of the canapé. It comprises of the topping which could be seafood, meat, fruit, vegetable or whatsoever you like. The topping can be as luxurious as you like.
  • The final layer of canapé- the garnish, is something really small like herbs or even caviar.

There is absolutely no hard and fast rule with canapés. You can make it with more than one topping also. The best canapés are the ones that are simple in construction so that you don’t end up making a mess while eating. The best part about canapés is that you don’t have to put down your drink to have it and you never have to worry about where you will keep the used skewer or toothpick.

The canapés should be packed with flavour in a way that they can compete with the cocktails served at the event. The goal of the canapés should be a flavour that is bold, tangy and spicy.

The Best Way to Serve Canapés

Eating canapés is an experience and the presentation of it is the main part that one just cannot ignore.  The way the canapés are served will dictate how successful your party canapés have been. So ensure that your caterer displays them in such a way that the guests are blown. A stylish backdrop to the yummy canapés is always appreciated.

Looking for a caterer that can serve delicious canapés just the way you want? Your search for it ends here. Big Flavours is the best catering service in Melbourne. For any and every celebration or event they have your back. Your guests are sure to be floored by the hospitality and the delicious menu served.

For your upcoming events, Big Flavours should be your first choice because yes, they are not going to disappoint you.

Contact Today for Top-quality Catering Services!!

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Tips and Tricks to Save Money on your Wedding Catering

As enthralling as a wedding may appear, the process of organizing and preparing for it may quickly become stressful. Even if you are done selecting the venue, the decorations and making a guest list, finding a budget-friendly caterer isn’t always a cakewalk. Learning from the experiences of many couples, the overall catering costs are always more than what is anticipated.  

Since you are here reading this blog, we are assuming that you are looking out for some easy-to-follow suggestions which will help you save some money on your wedding catering while serving something unique, delicious and memorable. If this is so then read on for we’ve got some clever ways from the pros to save money on wedding catering.

1. Choose an affordable food service & an appropriate menu

The kind of food service and menu you choose for your wedding has an effect on your catering prices. You can consider from the different kinds of food services such as Plated Sit down, Buffet, Canapes, BBQ service and so on. Now it is up to you to choose the most suited menu in these services to ensure that the cuisine is both cost-effective and delicious.

Plated sitdown options are considered the most expensive of all kinds of food services as additional effort of the caterer goes into it. A Buffet is a lesser expensive option comparatively as you can have a variety which each guest can choose from.

2. Take note of what is included and what is not

When choosing a wedding caterers package, make sure you clearly understand what will be included in the package and what will not be. The food is only a part of the main bill which the caterer will bring to you. There might be other expenses that will be added to your bill which you should be aware of beforehand.

3. Have limited bar timings

We all know that alcohol can add up some extra cost to your wedding catering. The best option to save money would be to not have a bar but if you cannot go about your wedding without the bar then the best and the smartest solution would be to have limited timing for which alcohol is served. You can opt for closing the bar once the dinner is served and again begin when it’s time for dancing. This way you will be saving a lot and the guests won’t be left disappointed.

4. Cut down on your guest list

When tight on a budget, it is recommended to cut down on your guest list. Invite only the   ones who are really close to you and whose presence would make you happy on your special day. Create a list of the people close to you, your parents and your siblings. Make a list of only those who matter. The idea is to have a wedding that is fun and not an event with a crowd. A limited guest list would mean that you will be able to give attention to all the people you love. Also, trimming your guest list would significantly affect your catering budget.

5. Request substitutions in your menu according to your choice and needs

When choosing a meal package there could be one or more things that you do not desire, you can enquire from your caterer to exchange them for something that is different, yummy yet costs less. Let’s say for example your package includes a wedding cake but instead you wish to serve a dessert that doesn’t involve slicing, hence you can request your caterer to forgo the slicing cost.

6. Select a reputed and qualified caterer

Selecting the best and the most reputed caterer is an effective way of saving money. Their experience and expertise will make your event a huge success even on a low budget.

A wedding caterer like Big Flavours has done catering in numerous big or small weddings. Big Flavours takes care of their client’s requirements and tailors packages according to their needs and budget. If you are looking for a cost-efficient and experienced wedding caterer in Melbourne, Big Flavours it is, they can make your wedding fun, memorable and full of delectable dishes. To know more about the catering services of Big Flavours, call on 0399961655 or just visit the office at 5/1129 North Road, Oakleigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 3166

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Ways in which an Event Catering can be well organized in Melbourne

Parties and events are fun and mostly it is the good and unique food that makes it even more fun. Along with being fun-, events can be stressful too.  When planning to cater in an event, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration for the success of the event. It is your duty as a host to make sure that your event is loved by all and not just an evening with boring drinks and food. An experienced catering company like Big Flavours can surely reduce your stress of all the planning and execution. Here are some tips from Big Flavours that will ensure that your event is a HIT!

Pay attention to the guest list and the numbers

The event that you plan to organize can have a guest list ranging from a small gathering of friends and family to a large gathering that consists of your professional business people. Knowing what type of event it is and who all are attending is the first step to a successful catering event. Also, make sure you have emergency alternatives in case it starts to rain.

Understand the cuisine preference of your guests

Once the guest list is ready and the venue has been decided, it is time to finalize the menu. To make your event stand out, you will need to plan out a cuisine that is loved by most of your guests. Planning the food and beverages which you will be keeping for your event can be a tricky affair but a good caterer like Big Flavours is what you need in such a situation as they will be able to provide you with a variety of options from which you can choose.

Make a Time Plan for Yourself

A time plan makes a very useful tool which helps you stay on top of all your arrangements and plans. Make a list of everything you need to order or arrange ahead of time like decorations, equipments, etc. Assigning days to each will give you time to plan everything more deliberately. Inform your caterer if you’ve hired one much in advance about your requirements and the menu of the final day event. Timely planning can make your final day event go super smoothly.

Decide on a Menu that includes Fresh & Local Food

When selecting a menu for your events, go for seasonal fruits and vegetables. This gives your menu the freshest feels possible. Also include local and regional dishes for people who have come from elsewhere to give them the taste of that region. Incorporating fresh seafood or the local food is relished by guests, and if the guests are happy, it is a huge accomplishment.

Ensure proper seating of guests

When planning an event, it is very important to plan the seating of the guests according to the meal that you have decided. If you have planned a buffet, inform your planner about the way you wish to see the seating. Serving food and snacks on the table will have a separate kind of seating where people can also interact while eating. How so ever you plan the seating make sure you fit in fewer guests on each table even if there is space for more so that they can relax and enjoy or even work in case it’s a work event.

Let the Presentation Speak for your Event

Presentation of food matters. When the food looks good, everyone would want to try it. Ensure that you tell the caterer to make the food look colourful. The plates should be clean and the food should smell appetizing. No one can refuse food that looks beautiful and is served in an environment that looks attractive. So make sure you give extra attention to the complete presentation of your event, starting from clean and crisp linens, glassware, cutlery, decorations and obviously food.

Hire a Responsible/Dependable Caterer

A caterer has the capability to make or break any event; therefore it is of utmost importance that you hire an experienced one. Before you book, always do taste-testing to make sure their quality of food aligns with your requirements.

The Big Flavours team ensures that they make every event memorable for the hosts and the guests. For top-notch catering services get in touch with Big Flavours on 0399961655 or just visit the office at 5/1129 North Road, Oakleigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 3166

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Catering Services to make your Wedding Memorable?

You sure must have attended at least a few weddings; do you remember the name of the venue or the name of both the bride and the groom? Maybe or not really! But what you surely never forget is the yummy food and drinks that were served at the wedding. For a wedding, the most challenging part is – Food. For every host choosing a good catering service is a daunting task as despite all ceremonies and rituals that go on, it is the food that plays a memorable role in ensuring that your wedding ceremony is a success. Because food is such a significant part of your wedding, it is important that you pay a lot of attention to a few factors that will help you home on to the best catering service in Melbourne.

Here are a few tips that will ensure that you pick the best wedding catering service for your D- Day:-

Plan your Budget

Planning and designing a budget for wedding food is one of the main tasks of a wedding ceremony. The major chunk of your budget goes into the food, given the number of meals and courses. Hence, planning the budget is highly crucial. Every catering service offers packages along with the prices, choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Menu Preferences

A good catering service company will give you an opportunity to choose from a variety of cuisines that can be served at your wedding. What one should look forward to from a catering service is a stunning presentation paired with the sensational taste of the food chosen by you. Having a wide menu choice makes it very easy to select the food that would be relished by all. Also, it makes the wedding catering service an approachable and convenient one.

Go for a Tasting Session

Taste- testing is an essential part of finally selecting a catering service. It also saves you from heartburn on your big day if the expectations are not met. There might be some caterers who would deny a taste session but make sure you push it to have an idea of the taste of the food, its quality and its presentation. The test round lets you explore the variety that the caterer brings to the table and also gives you a trailer of the taste that the caterer promises on your final wedding day.

Check the Caterer’s Services

How your guests will be served and treated during the wedding is what matters. Choosing the right catering service would mean that your guests will be taken care of very nicely. Make sure you ask your caterer how many guests will be looked after by each staff. Go for a catering service company that hires professionals who are responsible and enthusiastic about fulfilling the needs of your guests and making it a happy and memorable day for you. 

Big Flavours offers the best Catering in Melbourne

All in all wedding catering is a wholesome operation for which you will need experienced caterers who will ensure in every way possible to make your special day a huge success. Hosting a meaningful, memorable and tasty wedding treat is a collaborative process between your caterer and you, which is why we have for you the best wedding caterer in Melbourne, Big Flavours. With more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, we know how to give that special touch to your events, big or small. Our customers are our top priority and we make sure that they are fully satisfied with all our services. We are well aware that food leaves a lasting impression on all guests and keeps them talking for years to come. We guarantee that they will only talk well about your memorable day and how much effort you put into it. Book us for your upcoming events.

Have any questions or queries, contact us now!

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How to Plan and Organize Drinks for a Party to Avoid Wastage

If you are planning to organize a party or an important event by hiring a local caterer in Melbourne, your biggest headache will be preparing the drinks menu and avoiding wastage of any sort. Liquor is an essential item on the party menu, and you need meticulous planning and calculations to spend judiciously on entertaining your guests with expensive wines. Continue reading “How to Plan and Organize Drinks for a Party to Avoid Wastage”

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