Barbeque Catering in Melbourne

BBQ Catering for Your Next Event in Melbourne

It’s no secret that we Australians love barbeque. In every foreign movie and television show featuring an Australian character, we’re almost guaranteed to hear something about the barbecue they miss from back home. There’s good reason why. We Australians know there’s just about nothing that doesn’t taste good, fresh from the fire. The deep-rooted love for flame-cooked food is why barbeque (BBQ) catering just makes sense here.

private catering in Melbourne. We challenge you to take a single serving of our delicious Barramundi fillets, our expertly seasoned lamb chops or our incomparable Beef burgers and compare them to any other caterer in the area. You and your guests will certainly choose our diverse and delicious offerings, time after time. Our packages offer something for everyone, and you can even mix and match items if you really need to.

What We Offer for BBQ Catering Melbourne

Catering Company in Victoria, Melbourne. We give our customers the best selection, both savoury and sweet. Some delicious items we offer include:

Fantastic sausages in a range of flavours.

Four customisable packages ranging from $17.50 – $46.99 Per Person.

All packages include disposable Cane plates and Wooden knives and fork

  • All items exclusive of GST.

We are able to accommodate dietary requirements on request.

*In case of unavailability of a product, we will provide a replacement product of either same or higher quality.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please get in touch with us on 03 -99961655 or email us on and we can customise the barbeque catering menu for your event to give it your personal touch!

For more details about our barbeque catering in Melbourne , you may visit our website or call on the given number for added information.