A Guide to Choosing the Right Melbourne Catering Company for Your Event

One of the first things you start thinking about is the food, whether it’s a spectacular wedding for hundreds of guests, a last-minute corporate function, or a decadent dinner party at home for your closest friends.

Any event must include a catering company, and selecting a caterer can help you relax, save you time, and enable you to take full advantage of the event! Here are a few crucial decisions you need to make when selecting a caterer.

Consider your budget.

When organising a special event, your money is one of the most crucial considerations. It also seems to be the only thing that brings us back to reality.

A professional catering company will inquire about your spending limits and work with them to select the best package and menu for you. And they should be honest and forthright from the very beginning.

You should also check that any payment terms are understood at this point. Some of the inquiries you should make are:

What sort of deposit is required upfront?

When must the remaining balance be paid?

What happens if I have to alter my date?

What happens if I postpone my event?

When my numbers change, what happens?

Consider a tasting day.

Get together with a friend or member of your family to discover more about the products a caterer can provide and to determine whether their specialties and abilities will work well with the concepts you have in mind.

Remember that a sampling session is not always an opportunity to sample the precise food you will be served at your event, but rather a chance to evaluate quality and presentation.

Consider the wait crew

A fully catered event benefits greatly from the inclusion of wait staff because they relieve you of the burden of managing every aspect of the event, from serving food and drinks to visitors to helping with setup, breakdown, and clean-up.

Consider menus

Do you like fixed menus or the flexibility to alter some components of your meals?

Your own preference becomes crucial in this situation. You can collaborate with your caterer to develop the ideal menu for your special occasion once they create a sample menu.

Verify that your venue has enough room for your menu. Is your idea to provide a three-course meal to 70 people? Or will there be a cocktail party for 200 people with canapés and finger foods?

Consider raising a glass.

Experienced people who enjoy dining and drinking understand how crucial it is to find the ideal pairing between food and alcohol.

Along with providing you with useful advice like the amount of ice you need to use and the need of chilling all of your drinks in advance, they should also discuss the bar equipment you will need.

Consider these additions

Have you identified a caterer who will provide dinnerware, linen, glasses, and cutlery for the occasion?
Have you located a caterer with the necessary permits to serve alcohol?
Have you discovered a caterer who offers a transparent estimate, method of payment, contract, and cancellation policy?

You’re hiring a catering service to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Don’t forget to put your trust in them and take a back seat to let everyone else enjoy your event.

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