Menus to consider for Christmas in July

It feels like only yesterday that we were discussing Christmas, the summer vacations, and our resolutions. It is hard to think it is already July. We will probably be talking about Christmas again before you realize it.

And odds are, if you are celebrating Christmas in July, you will be doing it very soon!

Take part in a traditional Christmas in July feast.

What comes to mind right away when you think of Christmas?

If you are like us, you likely replied with gifts, trees, and food.

A significant component of what makes Christmas unique is food. Now, it does not mean we will not come up with an explanation not to celebrate a typical white Christmas like our neighbors in the northern hemisphere!

Buffet, and barbecue

Without flavourful, tender meat, what would Christmas dinner be?

From our menus, traditionalists can choose from a variety of classic packages.

You can also look through our buffet, and BBQ menus, which include:

    • Continental Homemade sausages 
    • Black Angus Beef burger 
    • Slow-cooked chicken skewers 
    • Potato salad, dill cucumber, pickled shallots, peas, roast garlic aioli 

Above is only a sneak peek at the vast range of delicacies that awaits you.

Enjoy a Christmas meal that is vegetarian.

We at the Big Flavours think that everyone has the right to a delicious meal, especially on important occasions like Christmas (In July).

Vegetarian options must be included on the Christmas catering menu if you want to wow your vegetarian guests. Our most precious Pan-roasted herb gnocchi, caramelized cauliflower puree, walnut pesto, Lightly Charred cauliflower, golden raisins, rocket pesto, and pinenuts will do the deed for your exuberant party!

Sweet-Tooth, hello!

The delectable treats are something you must not miss! With a pleasant end to your meal, nothing can go wrong. The only drawback is the significant amount of work involved. We recognize that not everyone has the necessary patience for it, especially considering there is not a two-week holiday for Christmas in July!

 Here, we have got you covered by providing some of the following:

Tiramisu, Kahlua, cocoa
Pavlova, Chantilly, berries, fruit dust GF
Lemon curd tart, candied rhubarb, honey crumbs
Triple Chocolate brownie, caramelised walnuts
Baked raspberry cheesecake, chocolate chard

Coconut Panacotta, lemongrass, kaffir lime GF

These are just the starter to your dessert plate. Fortunately, we can support you there with our efficient Christmas catering.

Talk to us about our selection of sides if you do not have the time to prepare the food entirely on your own.

Scrumptious Christmas in July party fare

Do you have a major celebration planned for Christmas in July?

We can cater to every event, guest list, and palate, offering everything from platters and beverages to food stations and 3-course gourmet dining!

Christmas in July does not have to be stressful to prepare for, but unlike Christmas itself, you do not have two weeks off! Having the entire Christmas experience, even in the middle of July, becomes much more doable with Big Flavours on your side.

View a variety of menus and place an order here, or contact us and let us know a little bit about your event!

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