Tips for Selecting a Caterer for your Corporate Event

Food is the biggest factor that can make or break any event, and this also stands true for a corporate event. Professional bonding over food might even result in something gainful and even if it is not so, it is anyway important to create an event which leaves a lasting impression on colleagues, juniors and seniors alike. Therefore, selecting the right caterer among so many corporate lunch catering companies in Melbourne should be done cautiously. Read this blog for some handy tips.

corporate lunch catering Melbourne

  1. Ask about Menu: Ask the caterer about the inclusions in the menu. Make sure that the offerings are neither too familiar nor something that nobody even has a clue about on how to eat it. Further, check with them if they can accommodate requests for food prepared for special dietary needs.

  2. Food-Tasting: Any good caterer would allow you to taste the food before you finalise the order. Visit different caterers and set meetings up for tasting the food. Also, take notice of the hygiene around the place and of the people where food is being prepared.

  3. Ask for references: The best catering companies in Melbourne became the best because their clients spread a good word about them. So, ask the caterer for some references of people whom they have catered any corporate events recently. Speak to each reference in person rather than just relying on online reviews.

  4. Know what’s included: Along with food, check with the caterer if they can also provide wait staff, tables, chairs and other equipment. According to the number of guests expected and the existing arrangements at the venue, they should be able to tell you how many extra tables, chairs etc. will be required.

  5. Presentation: Anything tacky can mar even the most delicious of cuisines. So make sure that only quality utensils, plates, cutlery etc. are used to serve food. Though, you may ask for eco-friendly options of the same too.

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