Christmas Celebration in July: We Got You Covered!

Even though we have spent most of our lives having summer Christmases, snow frequently comes to mind when we close our eyes and think about Christmas close our eyes and think about Christmas, snow frequently comes to mind. Maybe it’s because of all the movies we’ve seen that feature roaring fires, hot chocolate, and scalding hot turkeys around the holiday season in the northern hemisphere.  Whatever it may be, many Australians want to experience a “white Christmas,” and spending Christmas at home in July rather than flying in December is much more affordable and easy!

Whether you celebrate Christmas in July or December, the excellent cuisine is unquestionably one of its best features. Christmas in July Catering has special potential for deliciousness because it allows us to experiment with foods and beverages that we might not often serve in the summer.

Create a holiday spirit.

While taking down the Christmas tree might be too much work, other decorations can easily add a festive touch to your mid-year gathering. Consider candles, pinecones, ornaments, and a nicely decorated table. For the prestigious Christmas in July Catering put your troubles in the hands of Big Flavours. Just make sure you clean off those Christmas CDs and play them in the background from your end.

Warm up your beverages.

Even though some would disagree, July is not the best month to have a cold beer with lunch. Consider mulled wine as a pleasantly soothing winter warmer for your Christmas in July spectacular. After your main course, make sure tea and coffee are easily accessible. For those with a sweet craving, don’t forget a traditional hot chocolate. 

Christmas lights on a string. 

Christmas lights are a wonderful way to create the right atmosphere for a party that will go well past dusk. They can be strung across balcony railings, deck railings, or the home’s eaves. Take your illuminated reindeer figurine as well. 

Make it snow! 

With a few flurries, you can cool off. A cheap and simple approach to add decoration is with paper snowflakes. It is also a fantastic kids’ craft activity!

Go back in time. 

If you are spending the holiday with close friends or family, display old Christmas pictures that you have found. You can get started by looking at these images of Christmas from the year of your birth.

Implement a dress code. 

You can still urge guests to wear their clothing even if it will probably be too warm for ugly sweaters. Consider red and green clothing or ensembles modeled after characters from holiday movies.

Exchange presents.

Who is to say that a gift exchange cannot be held in July? Host a gift swap party where you exchange handcrafted items to assemble your squad. If you are feeling imaginative, create a theme for the gifts that correspond to the holiday.

Your Santa to Rescue

Have a conversation with the Big Flavours crew if you are looking for a catering service to make your Christmas in July even more enjoyable. We put in just as much effort as Christmas elves and are adept at providing Christmas in July Catering. No matter if you have been good or naughty, call us to help make your party unforgettable.

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