The top wedding catering trends in Melbourne for 2023

The top wedding catering trends in Melbourne for 2023

Big Flavours is constantly considering fresh approaches to elevate events. Every year, as we see the emergence and disappearance of new event concepts, we are able to predict the hottest catering trends for the year 2023. Discover even more of the best catering company in Melbourne and favourite catering trends to dominate in 2023 by reading on. The most delicious party of the year will be hosted by you, the first of your pals.

The Best Is Sourced Sustainably

The objective of these caterers is to leave the earth in a better condition than we found it. Continue reading to learn their perspective on the catering trends that are having an impact.

Food should be vibrant, imaginative, and motivating. In our sector, sustainability is a crucial trend that will persist in 2023.

If possible, support local businesses

Locally sourced ingredients are equally important to hosts and guests as sustainable ingredients are. Since the shutdown, we have developed a deep interest in the origins of our customers’ beverages as well as the histories of the wineries, breweries, and distilleries we sell. This tendency can be attained in large part by putting an emphasis on regional producers at every stage of the catering process.

Vegan Sweet Treats

It shows your guests that they are important to you when you take into account their dietary requirements and preferences.

It’s no secret that over the past few years, our culture has started to consume less meat. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and other non-traditional menu preferences have significantly increased. Customers desire complete menus, food stations, and desserts that may satisfy a range of dietary and allergy requirements.

Shots & Mocktail Shooters Are Already in

In recent years, mocktails have become the most popular drink on bar menus. As a humorous twist on this trend, we predict mocktail shooters and shots for this year. As we place more emphasis on health and well-being, both guests and hosts are choosing non-alcoholic beverages.

Fame Walls Get Your Moment of Glory

Party guests are known to adore a distinctive serving station. A unique and entertaining method to draw your guests’ attention is vertical food stations. They provide height and depth to a display and are completely customisable. Unique serving utensils add flair to the presentation and let visitors eat good food and engage in lively conversation at the same time.

Champagne, Make Way for Quasi Towers

We all adore the traditional Champagne tower, but renowned caterers foresee a change. Champagne towers were popular last summer, but in 2023, party hosts will want something a little more unique. Espresso Martini towers are likely to be the new standard for hosts of parties as well as brides and grooms.

Menus and napkins merge into one.

One of the more stylish catering trends that we have seen is this. You can conserve room on the table and paper by printing your menu on the napkins given to your guests.

Provide a Cultural Culinary Experience for Visitors

Whether they are cultural wedding ceremonies, parties, or commemorations of other milestones, we are proud to present venerable customs from many countries. We believe that what makes people special is their desire to focus on particular cuisines that are symbolic of their origin cultures. The key is customization.

How can I differentiate my event from others’?

Contact the top catering company in Melbourne, Big Flavours, and experience a lifetime of unforgettable partying if you want to set the trend for this year’s wedding season.

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