How to Plan Your Corporate Christmas Party

A Christmas party is a great event to celebrate with your colleagues before everyone leaves for the year-end holidays. If you’re planning to organise a corporate Christmas party, here is what you should do.

Planning in advance

To avoid any untoward surprises at the last minute, start planning for the event in advance. Not only will this ensure everything is in place, but it will also save you some buffer to address minor gaps in planning should they arise.

Start with what kind of party you are planning. If it’s a dinner, prepare a list of dinner party catering services in Melbourne to choose from. Confirm how many guests will be there at the dinner and if there are any dietary restrictions you should take note of.

Hiring the caterer

Find out the reviews about the caterer. Check how long have they been in business for and confirm they have the necessary license to operate, especially if your menu includes alcoholic beverages.

You may also want to know if they provide customised services for different events and set-ups like a buffet, standing, sit-down, dinner, wedding, birthdays etc.

Ask the catering service in Melbourne for a food tasting session. After all, it’s the biggest consideration in choosing the caterer. Isn’t it?

Make sure you confirm the payment terms and find out if there are any hidden charges. Also, check with the caterer if the package includes utensils, decoration, staff etc. as well or it’s just the dinner.

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Overseeing catering arrangements

Work with the caterer to finalise the menu i.e. what all the appetisers, main course and dessert will include. If you find it difficult to decide, you can consult the caterer for their suggestions. Decide how the service style and food presentation will be at the event. You really want the entire arrangement to be impressive.

All the while, be on top of the progress of catering operations. And if there are any changes in the event schedule and planning, make sure you update the catering company immediately.

Entertainment and activities

It’s a time to be merry and you want your dinner party to be memorable. Be informal so that your colleagues can come out of work mindset, loosen up a little and celebrate.

Also, some Xmas music, a mime or any other entertainment will keep your guest engaged, and they will enjoy even more. If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional entertainer. If it’s a limitation, you can think of certain activities, music, contests or games where the guests can participate.

Follow these steps to plan your Christmas party, and you can be confident everyone will have a gala time at the event.

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