How to Plan and Organize Drinks for a Party to Avoid Wastage

If you are planning to organize a party or an important event by hiring a local caterer in Melbourne, your biggest headache will be preparing the drinks menu and avoiding wastage of any sort. Liquor is an essential item on the party menu, and you need meticulous planning and calculations to spend judiciously on entertaining your guests with expensive wines.

A professional catering company in Melbourne will assist you in planning your drinks menu for the party with their experience and expertise. All you need to do is give them the exact number of guests attending the party, and they will work out an elaborate drinks menu keeping your budget in mind. The first step should be to scan the invitees’ list thoroughly and strike off the children and non-drinkers from the total number of guests invited for the event.

While organizing and planning a party catering in Melbourne, your drinks budget will depend on the type of event and the type of people attending the party. You would be familiar with the drinking habits of most of your guests, so try to distinguish between moderate and heavy drinkers and give that list to your local caterer advising him to allocate drinks accordingly. It is best to allot 1.5 drinks per guest per hour, and if you have 100 drinkers, that is 150 drinks every hour. You can also bargain with your catering company for an unlimited drinks package that would include an unlimited serving of soft drinks, beer, and wine. It will eliminate the hassle of hourly calculations and shortages if the event is extended.

The best value for your money spent on drinks during an event depends on the venue and cost per drink, and the drinks you would like to offer. The success of a party mainly depends on the drinks and food provided at the event; therefore, it is essential to plan the right wine menu with your catering company. The frequency of serving drinks is equally crucial to keep the guests happy and avoid any wastage. On average, the guests will drink two drinks in the first hour and one drink every hour afterwards.

It is recommended to stock the bar with extra liquor just in case an unexpected group of guests shows up or the party lasts longer than anticipated. You can order drinks based on the assumption that 30% of guests will drink beer, 30% will drink wine, and 40% will drink hard liquor. Below is the approximate calculation of how much alcohol would be consumed in an event:

Beer: 60 bottles per 25 guests

Wine: 09 bottles per 25 guests

Hard Liquor: 03 bottles per 25 guests

More significant events like weddings would require the expertise of a reputed local caterer to plan your wine menu by not hurting your budget and keep the guests happy by serving drinks at regular intervals as per your instructions. Check with your local caterer about the wine service and charges to get the right deal for your event in Melbourne.

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