Exclusive Low-Key Birthday Party Ideas To Spotlight Your Birthday On An Affordable Budget

No matter how many birthdays one completes, birthday parties are celebrations that one typically never outgrows. There is no single formula for celebrating a birthday party. Your ceremony may be extravagant or subtle, at a spectacular venue with hundreds of guests or your backyard with your mains.

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Going low-key on your birthday is a great idea to add a personal touch to your party and cut down on costs. Are you planning to avail the services from birthday catering in Melbourne for a low-key party? Then we’ve put together some fun ideas here :

1. The ‘Bright’ Side: Install Vibrant Party Lights
Humans are visual creatures, and vibrant lighting helps to set the mood of the party even before it begins. You could set up elegant chandeliers around the room, and witness your guests marvel at the lighting. But if you want to keep it even simpler, a few scented candles and some fairy lights can do the trick!

2. Creatively Delectable: Knick-Knacks And Finger Foods
To add a fun twist to Finger Foods, you could get them done in different shapes and sizes! The best dish you could try this hack on, are canapes. Serve these in quirky ways, and with a myriad of toppings while you and your guests chitchat and play! Or, you could serve popcorn in different flavours and old-fashioned bags or jars, to add to the uniqueness.

3. Showtime With Besties!
If you’re a movie buff, this one’s for you. You could organize the screening of your favourite classic or contemporary movie or series, and invite your buddies to join you at your birthday celebration!

4. Reliving Childhood With Pinatas
No matter how old you turn, good old pinatas never go out of fashion! Besides, they remind each one of us of our childhood. You could set up beautiful and colourful pinatas, and watch your guests break them open and treat themselves to candies!

Big Flavours Catering Company in Melbourne can assist you in organizing perfect birthday parties that are low in budget and high in good vibes and fun!

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