Changing Wedding Food Budget Hacks From Caterers And Wedding Planners

A dream wedding is not a desire, but a necessity, as the day will remain etched in your memory forever. And what’s better to splurge your special day with delicacies from all over the world. While you to plan the perfect outfits and lines at the altar let the wedding catering in Melbourne take charge of feeding your guests. Most importantly, your budget will require you to save up for years to have a dream wedding come true.

A small calculation will show that most of the budget goes into the catering service in Melbourne. Of course, there are a few ways you can cut back on the wedding food catering expenditure. Let’s find out.

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Choose a Cake : If possible, go simple on the cake. Yes, it is the centrepiece in every event. But the main focus of a wedding is you and your partner. Most wedding cakes are the overtly-decorative, designer and expensive.

Instead, choose a plain decoration. A 3-tier, single or double flavoured wedding cake will be affordable, a crowd favourite and won’t cost too much.

Lastly, ask your wedding caterer to hand out the slices after the cutting ceremony. This way, everyone gets a piece and of equal sizes.

Destination Wedding : There are Paris and Disneyland, but why go for a clichéd romantic spot when you can make your wedding a quirky one. If you’re looking for an affordable yet memorable destination marriage, opt for Melbourne Australia.

Poet’s Lane, Ultima Function Centre or the RACV city club, any place you choose to host this important day, will be beautiful.

Additionally, you can wedding catering at Melbourne at reasonable rates. Wedding caterers of Melbourne are professionally trained to provide you with impeccable service at moment’ notice.

Wine and Dash : Let’s face it, this is 2019, and your friends would want a fun Pina Colada over an expensive bottle of wine. The classic champagne toast would work if you were looking into the 90s themed wedding. Instead, go for an open bar, invite closest friends.

Ask your wedding food catering service to help set up and open bar with small snacks and drinks. Keep a menu of cocktails and watch as the guests enjoy themselves at the bar.

Your friends and close ones will enjoy and can have fun instead of being bored with small formal talks and a glass of wine.

Simple Menu: What will you choose as a wedding guest, a simple helping of Ceasar salad or a carrot cut into a flower? No one’s got time for this. Remember this while planning a menu with event catering in Melbourne.

A simple buffet of delicious meals is hearty, filling and leaves people with a smile. Discuss with the wedding planner and your catering services at Melbourne to come up with an easy-to-deliver menu.

Finger foods, grilled meat with a side of veggies, pies, you call it. Make the guests feel at home.

A well-planned wedding will feel more special than an unnecessary extravagance, so take the help of a planner and get started.

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