Factors to Consider when Planning a client’s Birthday Menu?

Staying updated with trends while planning a menu for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or planning a dinner party catering Melbourne is a necessity. If you are the one leading the kitchen, it is your counsel that your customer will seek, even though they may come in with a clear idea of what they want. Apart from trends, you need to sensitize your staff to the cultural restrictions of different faiths and people to become the best. Additionally, if you are planning a birthday menu, understanding the age group and catering to them is a sure shot recipe for success.

A birthday party catering in Melbourne might sound easy, but it is a challenging task to deliver cuisines and dishes for everyone to enjoy. As a birthday party catering service, here is how you can create a menu for all.

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1. Theme :  Collaborate with your customer to select a theme for the birthday party. Now there are many themes. They can be regarding culture, movies, video games, etc. Select one whose decor, space and food will require minimal time.

For example, a Disney-themed birthday party you can choose pasta from Lady and the Tramp. Go for desserts, beignets from The Princess and the Frogs would be a hit. These dishes fill the kids and adults with happiness and nostalgia. As always, good food makes good memories.

2. Slot Your Time : Start your prepping right after finalizing the event. Hence, you’ll have enough time to shop for goods and experiment with various dishes. You and the customer should always be in contact regarding any change of plans.

If you begin the morning before the event, most of the dishes can reach the venue by time. For quick snacks, marinate the food for flash fry and bake at the parties. Birthdays call for quick bites.

If you’re in charge of serving, carry your cooking equipment to cook up second and third batches.

3. Clear State Your Charges : For birthday parties at Melbourne, people’s choices may range from a grand event to a sombre affair. From pool-side drinks to a never-ending demand of finger-food and candies, the responsibility is yours. Ask for the number of guests invited, and don’t forget to factor in the cost of delivery, and service.

For all this, you and the customer must write up the budget. Be clear about what you are responsible for if you are offering birthday catering service in Melbourne – catering the food along, or are you expected to bring the cutlery at an additional cost. However unique the party plan might be, it is up to you to make it clear from the first interaction the cost the customer will incur.

4. Check the Season : Everyone loves an ice cream during summer and warm desserts during winters. Additionally, seasonal fruits and vegetables bring lovely flavors into every dish you create. Fruit salads, Jerk chicken and shrimp pineapple bowls, open-air BBQ, there are so many different catering options you can plan for a successful birthday.

Convince your customers to opt for seasonal cuisines and watch the other guests queuing up at your office. Do not compromise on the quality and freshness in the ingredients you buy or the time taken to create the perfect aromatic and tasty dish.

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