Hiring a right party venue in Melbourne is crucial to the event’s success

Event planning involves good amount of hard work as you have to take into consideration several factors like venue, catering, decorations, lighting etc. If you are planning to hold a large event like wedding, fashion show, corporate or a musical event then it makes sense to hire an event management firm as it can do all the required effort to organize the event professionally. A professional catering service in Melbourne offer the ancillary services like venue selection which is critical to the event’s success.

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The first step in planning an event is to choose a venue which can cater to your requirements therefore it is important to ask the event planner to show you multiple venues. Once you shortlist the venue for the event make sure it is available for the dates on which you are planning to hold the event and has sufficient space to accommodate the guests. If the venue of your choice is not available for the date you have requested then you may have to be flexible in choosing a different date for the event.

While negotiating the payment and terms for the selected venue, make sure that the management takes every precaution to ready the venue as per the stipulated time of the event and provides enough space to the caterer for presentation of meals. Some venues allow you to leave your equipment overnight and pick it up the next morning. Your event planner will also need space for decoration and placing musical instruments. Parking space is another important factor you need to consider while short listing the venue as guests don’t feel comfortable parking their vehicles away from the venue.

Check for any hidden costs before signing the contract for hiring the venue which may include security charges, damage liabilities, bar fees, cleaning and other allied charges which the management might levy. Make sure the staff you are dealing with is present on the day of the event as you may need to brief them in advance about the event preparations. Take down their name and contact details for any clarifications you may need during the course of organizing the event.

Also ensure that the venue management allows special decorations which you have planned for the event as some venues in Melbourne do not allow them. The venue you have chosen may or may not provide the seating arrangement therefore work out a seating plan with your event catering in Melbourne and ask him to arrange the furniture for the same. If the event you have planned includes music then you need a good sound system which can be provided at the venue or you can ask your event planner to arrange for it. if you want your event to be a totally private affair then make sure that there are no other parties or events planned at the venue.

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