How do you Cater for an Event?

Catering Service in Melbourne for an event is a fun task. For professional execution, you’ll need to keep in mind a few key points.

  • Punctuality, this is a vital point to remember. When you guarantee your catering service to an event, your timing will reflect on how you handle a tight schedule.
  • Communication, you’ll need to listen and speak. A customer-caterer relationship should be at its best during an event. Every change in the menu, decor, etc. requires full concentration on both ends.

Let’s understand this more through an example. One of the challenging events to provide service would be corporate events such as boardroom meeting and annual dinners. Every detail needs perfection through professional handling. Here are the things to remember during corporate events planning.

1. Keep a Tab on Common Guests : If you’ve been working for a particular firm’s corporate events, by now some faces have already become known. You might even know their position in the firm or as partners.
The best way to help the firm gain a reputation is by remembering small details of the regular guests. Observe which appetizers and entrees they choose each time.
Plan out menus in the manner where the regular members of the events will feel at home.

2. Know the Invitees : The guest list on every corporate event has a multitude of age groups. The same menu each time might turn out to be mundane for some, resulting in fewer head-counts each time, affecting the firm’s business.

Keep a diverse menu. Going by the modern ways of cooking, there are a few things to remember. Older invitees will ask for lighter appetizers. People within their 40s-50s will be more health-conscious and seek more protein and carbs. Keep similar food items for the fitness freaks. You’ll also have freshers and interns who would look for quick bites. Hence light and flavorful snacks are preferable.

3. The Main Course : However, adventurous your entire menu is, everyone’s eyes are on the main course or entree. You’ll need to deliver your best. Keep in mind that everyone has a different taste and expectation.

Always offer multiple choices for the entree. Chicken Cordon Bleu and miso-glazed salmon for the meat lovers work wonders.

Always keep options open for vegetarians. Spinach and cheese pies, vegan wellington and mushroom risotto are delicious options.

A menu which pleases everyone will help the business and your service gain profit and reputation.

4. Exclusive Menu : Not everyone can digest all kind of ingredients. For example, someone can have a medical reaction to peanuts or lamb-infused dishes. The best corporate event catering needs to note down these details from the management team so everyone can have a safe and happy experience.

You’ll first need to note down allergies and make sure to add a written description to your dishes at the event. There are also guests who avoid meat and other ingredients by religion.

Restrictions on food intake due to health reasons (obesity and sugar) require certain guests to choose food wisely.

If everyone feels satisfied with the meals, it is a win-win for you and the corporate event.

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