Idea Dishes for the Perfect Summer BBQ (Barbeque)

The summer months from November to February are special for affording us the opportunity to plan get-togethers. Now certain dishes are traditionally enjoyed during the summer. Many families and friends group have their favourite hamburgers, baked beans and hot dogs recipes. If you are opting for a summer barbecue, Melbourne is the best place to find the right catering company. Here is a list of dishes you can have created for the perfect summer BBQ:

Jerky Chicken: The days you spend grilling out are worth it if you are making something as delicious as the Jerky Chicken. After scoring the chicken season it with salt. It will marinade in thyme, onion, sugar, garlic, scotch bonnet and lime etc. You can also rub spices like coriander, pepper, nutmeg and cloves etc.

Rum Punch: This Caribbean drink is achieved with a mix of different ingredients. They are grenadine syrup, juices from lime, pineapple and orange, light and Jamaican white rum, nutmeg and slices of pineapple and orange. Once mixed, you can garnish the drink with fruit slices.

Coconut Shrimp: Seafood like tuna, mahimahi, scallops or oysters are a great crowd pleaser. Shrimp is especially close to people’s heart, and something like coconut shrimp is a delicacy. The recipe includes egg, beer, flour, baking powder, coconut and shrimp. This tasty dish is both crunchy and sweet. Coconut Shrimp is a delicious appetiser apt for an elaborate dinner selection.
Bread Pudding: The party is not complete without the perfect dessert. And nothing beats the bread pudding, the ultimate dessert. It needs raisins, melted butter, eggs, sugar, milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract and the right baking.
These are only a few selected items from a long list of dishes you can cook for a summer BBQ. Avail the catering services to taste something new and different this summer.

However, it is possible to give twists to the traditional dishes by playing with certain local flavours. This is exactly what the catering services do – they infuse the dishes with exotic flavours and island vibes. In fact, to taste the delicious items offered by BBQ catering Melbourne has shown a preference for availing catering services.

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