Platter Ideas to Eat Healthy at Office

More often than not the platters at office events can be loaded with unhealthy choices. Making the platter healthy can mean that you have to choose boring options unpopular at parties. However, that only happens if you are unaware of the many ways you can introduce healthy and nutritious food as an interesting menu. Next time you are organising an office event do not forget to look beyond the common options of tapas and Scones platters. It is possible to turn the platters colorful and healthy while keeping it fun and exciting.

  1. Think Italian, Greek, Egyptian: Mini cocktail sausages have been part of the event menu for a long time. But it’s time that sausages and country ham are replaced with coppa ham, prosciutto, salami, Eastern platters, and any other cuisine that takes your fancy. They can be served with some sides like mixed olives, roasted plum tomatoes with breads!
  2. Say Cheese: Certain cheeses already dominate the platters at party scenes. However, do not make it boring by adhering to traditional choices. There’s a world of cheese to choose from and it’s up to you to make the most of it. Go for cheeses like gruyère, camembert and aged manchego. Serve the deliciousness with a healthy dose of fruit compote or grapes. If you want to opt for cheese platters Melbourne offers a wide range of options to choose from.
  3. Make Vegan Interesting: The vegan section can often be totally neglected for featuring mundane dishes. Replacing everyday vegetables like carrots and cucumber with more exotic options like plump cherry tomatoes, baby zucchini and white asparagus spears will serve your purpose. Introducing sushi in this section can attract the attention of your guests as it is a popular delicacy. When it comes to sushi platter Melbourne will not disappoint with its wide ranging variations.
  4. Fruits for Fun: If you are thinking that fruits will not get anybody excited, think again. The refreshing juicy nature’s desserts are a much loved item in all kinds of event. In fact, there are many people who are looking for fresh fruits. Keep it interesting with exotic options and a beautiful presentation.


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