Modern Food Trends Dominating 2018 Weddings

When it comes to a modern groom or bride, the hunt for trending ideas for a wedding starts early on. One might want to hire such a catering company that has the prowess to integrate the upcoming and progressive trends of the year. Here are a few trends that could inspire your wedding.

• One trend that is basking in the glory of the year is that of brunch food. The thing is that late afternoon or nighttime weddings are more expensive than daytime ones. People are seen doing breakfast for dinner. One can also choose to have a wedding themed around booze breakfast-brunch. You can choose to pick omelets, bloody mary and mimosas. Not only are these items delicious, they are quite inexpensive too. If it is about wedding catering Melbourne companies are truly specialists.

• Fresh food is also one such trend permeating into the popular food culture. People are beginning to prefer more of local and organic food at a wedding. This is especially true in case of vegetables and fruits. This is an innovative way one can give his/her wedding a touch of his/her hometown in the menu.

• One more trend is making its way into the weddings of 2018. The style of food catering Melbourne is becoming popular for is having the cocktail hour integrate more food into it. It is generally done for some kind of display. One might see a bartender muddling with drinks, or a waiter making a guacamole or a chef shucking oysters. This will make the cocktail hour more exciting and would provide food for hungry guests simultaneously.

• Food trucks are quick to go up the popularity ladder in modern weddings. This street trend is being used in modern weddings now more than ever. There is so much variety in these food trucks that a specific selection can represent one and his/her partner’s favorites. Many urban couples are choosing these food trucks so that the culture of their surrounding environment can be highlighted to their guests.

• Themed tables are also increasingly showing up at modern weddings and especially at buffets. Themes can come in different forms with all sorts of quirky and experimental food.

• Comfort is important. Couples at modern weddings are often seen offering comfort food such as burgers, cheese and similar delicacies. A nice way to serve cheese burgers is to serve them in fancy bags, skewers or napkins. The burger is a balance of both worlds and is ideal for those who seek balance.

In conclusion, there is no right and wrong catering menu, it all boils down to your choices – lidesyle and budgets.


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