The Barbeque Diaries: 3 Reasons Why A Barbeque Night Is A Great Idea

For an Australian soul, there’s barely anything as romantic and satiating as meat getting grilled directly over low heat and the reverberating aroma. Barbeque has always been the most favoured option for rejuvenating on a weekend or a casual get-together with loved ones. But why is this method of cooking so popular and sought after? Let’s have a look at why barbeque is an excellent choice for catering and what the best BBQ in Melbourne can do to enliven your party:

BBQ catering


Extravagant parties can be fascinating and a good idea. But sometimes, all we need is a cosy retreat from our mundane lives. And in such cases, BBQ catering is a wonderful alternative!  Slow cooking is not only one of the most delectable party options, but also sustainable and a great choice if you want to settle for a simple and casual party which is equally enjoyable at the same time. BBQ catering at your backyard is cost-effective and rewarding at the same time.


While barbeque may be a simple affair, it is a popular means of celebrating multiple occasions. From housewarming parties and birthdays to weddings and anniversaries and even employee recognition events and business parties, BBQ catering is well-suited for all forms of celebration due to its charm and feasibility.


Yes, there’s science behind the artistic culinary technique of barbeque. It has been found that when the amino acids and sugar present in meat are heated together, they pave the way for an unparalleled burst of flavours, transporting the foodie to a new world! This phenomenon has been termed the Maillard effect.

While opting for a BBQ catering, be sure to take a look at the barbeque menu and ensure that the catering service offers a good variety of sauces to accompany the meal. The best Catering Service in Melbourne would take every measure to ensure that you enjoy all the advantages of a cosy barbeque party.

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