This is Why Companies Are Starting to Offer Lunch and You Should Too

A lot of tech and media companies are starting to offer free food to their employees. The trend is being picked up by a majority of corporations. You might be wondering as to why you should provide food given the current state of the economy.

Isn’t everything already too expensive to add food to the list?

While you are right on your part, offering food for teams is actually beneficial in many ways.

Why is Corporate Catering Becoming Popular?

Let us have a look at why the practice of corporate catering in Melbourne has become so popular.

Employee Engagement

Platforms like Glassdoor have enabled employees to be more aware of their future companies. Millennials are always looking for exciting job perks, and free meals are definitely one of them. If a company offers lunch, then the employees do not have to bother with making food arrangements.

This results in employees that are more happy and engaged. Those who get used to the concept of free lunch are also likely to stay longer with their company. It becomes an attractive facet of your future recruitment drives too. Another way of incorporating free meals is during office parties. There are various vendors that offer Birthday catering Melbourne.

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Better Team Bonding

When you offer free lunch for the team, they are bound to eat together and communicate in the process. This helps them bond outside their cubicles and thus improves the overall team performance. You can organize farewell and birthday parties while offering delicious food to your staff members. You may also provide them with food boxes on festivals. A good Catering Company in Melbourne can help in this regard.

Famous companies like Google also offer free food and encourage different departments to eat together. This way, the employees can easily share ideas across the teams, thereby getting a better perspective of their work.

Improving Productivity

You might wonder how free lunch is related to productivity. The answer is simple; giving your employees lunch in the office means less time spent eating outside. Not all offices are located close to restaurants and takeaways. An employee going out to eat for lunch usually spends about an hour including commute and the time spent eating. However, you can cut down this time if the lunch is offered within the office.

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Not to mention happy employees also work with more focus and determination. Moreover, you can also introduce free dinner for those who stay in the office post the office hours. This will not only give the employees free food but will also get you a few extra work hours each day. In case you are organizing parties during the night time, some companies provide dinner party catering in Melbourne. You may get in touch with them and ensure that quality food is served.

Better Employee Health

Employee health affects your business, and this is a fact. Too many sick and unplanned leaves definitely affect the quality of work and hinder timelines. When you offer free lunch to the employees, you definitely get to decide what they eat for five days a week.
People working in the corporate sector seldom think about the repercussions of eating unhealthy food as there is no time to think. Not to mention the scarcity of good food options nearby. When you offer them food that is actually healthy, it reduces their chance of developing illnesses.

Thus, the above reasons make it apparent why you should offer lunch at your firm. Corporate caterers can help you offer good food to your team members. You can also connect with them for special events and festivals as they offer a variety of options for party catering in Melbourne.

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