Tips and Tricks to Save Money on your Wedding Catering

As enthralling as a wedding may appear, the process of organizing and preparing for it may quickly become stressful. Even if you are done selecting the venue, the decorations and making a guest list, finding a budget-friendly caterer isn’t always a cakewalk. Learning from the experiences of many couples, the overall catering costs are always more than what is anticipated.  

Since you are here reading this blog, we are assuming that you are looking out for some easy-to-follow suggestions which will help you save some money on your wedding catering while serving something unique, delicious and memorable. If this is so then read on for we’ve got some clever ways from the pros to save money on wedding catering.

1. Choose an affordable food service & an appropriate menu

The kind of food service and menu you choose for your wedding has an effect on your catering prices. You can consider from the different kinds of food services such as Plated Sit down, Buffet, Canapes, BBQ service and so on. Now it is up to you to choose the most suited menu in these services to ensure that the cuisine is both cost-effective and delicious.

Plated sitdown options are considered the most expensive of all kinds of food services as additional effort of the caterer goes into it. A Buffet is a lesser expensive option comparatively as you can have a variety which each guest can choose from.

2. Take note of what is included and what is not

When choosing a wedding caterers package, make sure you clearly understand what will be included in the package and what will not be. The food is only a part of the main bill which the caterer will bring to you. There might be other expenses that will be added to your bill which you should be aware of beforehand.

3. Have limited bar timings

We all know that alcohol can add up some extra cost to your wedding catering. The best option to save money would be to not have a bar but if you cannot go about your wedding without the bar then the best and the smartest solution would be to have limited timing for which alcohol is served. You can opt for closing the bar once the dinner is served and again begin when it’s time for dancing. This way you will be saving a lot and the guests won’t be left disappointed.

4. Cut down on your guest list

When tight on a budget, it is recommended to cut down on your guest list. Invite only the   ones who are really close to you and whose presence would make you happy on your special day. Create a list of the people close to you, your parents and your siblings. Make a list of only those who matter. The idea is to have a wedding that is fun and not an event with a crowd. A limited guest list would mean that you will be able to give attention to all the people you love. Also, trimming your guest list would significantly affect your catering budget.

5. Request substitutions in your menu according to your choice and needs

When choosing a meal package there could be one or more things that you do not desire, you can enquire from your caterer to exchange them for something that is different, yummy yet costs less. Let’s say for example your package includes a wedding cake but instead you wish to serve a dessert that doesn’t involve slicing, hence you can request your caterer to forgo the slicing cost.

6. Select a reputed and qualified caterer

Selecting the best and the most reputed caterer is an effective way of saving money. Their experience and expertise will make your event a huge success even on a low budget.

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