Ways in which an Event Catering can be well organized in Melbourne

Parties and events are fun and mostly it is the good and unique food that makes it even more fun. Along with being fun-, events can be stressful too.  When planning to cater in an event, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration for the success of the event. It is your duty as a host to make sure that your event is loved by all and not just an evening with boring drinks and food. An experienced catering company like Big Flavours can surely reduce your stress of all the planning and execution. Here are some tips from Big Flavours that will ensure that your event is a HIT!

Pay attention to the guest list and the numbers

The event that you plan to organize can have a guest list ranging from a small gathering of friends and family to a large gathering that consists of your professional business people. Knowing what type of event it is and who all are attending is the first step to a successful catering event. Also, make sure you have emergency alternatives in case it starts to rain.

Understand the cuisine preference of your guests

Once the guest list is ready and the venue has been decided, it is time to finalize the menu. To make your event stand out, you will need to plan out a cuisine that is loved by most of your guests. Planning the food and beverages which you will be keeping for your event can be a tricky affair but a good caterer like Big Flavours is what you need in such a situation as they will be able to provide you with a variety of options from which you can choose.

Make a Time Plan for Yourself

A time plan makes a very useful tool which helps you stay on top of all your arrangements and plans. Make a list of everything you need to order or arrange ahead of time like decorations, equipments, etc. Assigning days to each will give you time to plan everything more deliberately. Inform your caterer if you’ve hired one much in advance about your requirements and the menu of the final day event. Timely planning can make your final day event go super smoothly.

Decide on a Menu that includes Fresh & Local Food

When selecting a menu for your events, go for seasonal fruits and vegetables. This gives your menu the freshest feels possible. Also include local and regional dishes for people who have come from elsewhere to give them the taste of that region. Incorporating fresh seafood or the local food is relished by guests, and if the guests are happy, it is a huge accomplishment.

Ensure proper seating of guests

When planning an event, it is very important to plan the seating of the guests according to the meal that you have decided. If you have planned a buffet, inform your planner about the way you wish to see the seating. Serving food and snacks on the table will have a separate kind of seating where people can also interact while eating. How so ever you plan the seating make sure you fit in fewer guests on each table even if there is space for more so that they can relax and enjoy or even work in case it’s a work event.

Let the Presentation Speak for your Event

Presentation of food matters. When the food looks good, everyone would want to try it. Ensure that you tell the caterer to make the food look colourful. The plates should be clean and the food should smell appetizing. No one can refuse food that looks beautiful and is served in an environment that looks attractive. So make sure you give extra attention to the complete presentation of your event, starting from clean and crisp linens, glassware, cutlery, decorations and obviously food.

Hire a Responsible/Dependable Caterer

A caterer has the capability to make or break any event; therefore it is of utmost importance that you hire an experienced one. Before you book, always do taste-testing to make sure their quality of food aligns with your requirements.

The Big Flavours team ensures that they make every event memorable for the hosts and the guests. For top-notch catering services get in touch with Big Flavours on 0399961655 or just visit the office at 5/1129 North Road, Oakleigh, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 3166

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